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What you need to know about moving to Canada as a newcomer in 2022

What will I learn?

Are you getting ready to make the big move to Canada? You are certainly investing a lot of time in getting ready for your exciting trip, whether you are coming to Canada as a permanent resident, a foreign worker, or an international student. We’ve created this webinar to assist you in getting ready for your new life in Canada because we know how exciting and stressful this process may be. We asked a group of recent immigrants to speak on a panel so they could discuss their own first-hand experiences and offer you guidance and pointers.

Canada Webinar overview

This interactive webinar will feature Q&A and discussion on many topics such as:

  • Working in Canada
  • Living in Canada
  • Banking in Canada
  • Phone/Internet in Canada
  • Healthcare in Canada
  • Transportation in Canada
  • Education in Canada
  • Additional resources to help you settle in Canada

About CanadaVisa

In 1994, was established as the Cohen Immigration Law Firm’s online presence. Since that time, CanadaVisa has developed into one of the most reliable resources for information on immigrating to and settling in Canada. The web properties of CanadaVisa include, its weekly newsletter, the CanadaVisa Forum, and other things. All of CanadaVisa’s services are designed to make it easier for people all over the world to acquire reliable, accurate, and timely information to assist their immigration to Canada.

About Scotiabank

One of the best banks in Canada and one of the biggest in the Americas is Scotiabank. We offer a wide range of recommendations, goods, and services to assist our clients, their families, and their community’s success. Our mission is “for every future,” and it serves as our compass.

The Scotiabank StartRight Program, which was introduced in 2008, is intended to make banking easier for newly arrived foreign workers, international students, and Canadian permanent citizens. By setting you up with a Scotiabank International Account that enables you to transfer up to $50,000 before you arrive, we can ease your move to Canada and make you feel more prepared knowing that you have immediate proof of funds. With the Scotiabank Student GIC Program, we can even assist you to expedite the processing of your study permit.

With 12 months of free banking, access to credit with no credit history requirements, limitless no-fee international money transfers, and professional assistance from Financial Advisors, our Scotiabank StartRight programme can also help you start banking in Canada.

We also introduced ScotiaRISE, a new $500 million, 10-year community investment programme that aims to support the development of economic resilience among underprivileged individuals and communities. The programme is focused in particular on using funds and partnerships to boost graduation rates and postsecondary enrollment, speed up the integration of newcomers, and provide meaningful career and senior opportunities for disadvantaged groups. This together makes Scotiabank the bank of choice for immigrants.

Balwinder Kaur
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