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Reasons for Inadmissibility to Canada

You may be considered inadmissible to Canada because you have been convicted of a crime, previously been deported, or for medical reasons.

Medical Inadmissibility

In Canada, there are three grounds for medical exclusion: risk to public health, the risk to public safety, and excessive demand for medical or social services. Anyone can be impacted by this process, but it can be stopped.

Criminal Inadmissibility

If you have committed a crime, you could not be able to enter Canada. Major offences fall under this category. You must first compare the offence to Canada's Criminal Code to establish whether your conviction prevents you from being admitted.


Misrepresentation is unacceptability because of false information given to the Canadian immigration authorities. It is a criminal offence.

Authorization to Return

If someone has been expelled from Canada, they might not be able to come back unless they first get special permission from the immigration authorities.


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