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Canadian Permanent Residence Programs

Land 2 Air Immigration can navigate you effectively to meet your goals of obtaining permanent residence in Canada.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to navigate the complexities of immigration laws with precision, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients. As passionate advocates of diversity and global mobility, we firmly believe that every individual deserves the chance to explore new horizons. From visa applications to relocation support, our comprehensive range of services are tailored to meet your unique needs. Embrace a world of possibilities with Land2air Immigration as your trusted immigration partner

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    Express Entry is the largest economic programme in Canada and one of the quickest routes to Canadian permanent residency. The purpose of this initiative is to identify applicants who will be able to fill future job openings in Canada.

    Through express entry’s Canadian Experience Class, temporary foreign employees and students who have graduated from Canadian universities can frequently make the transition to permanent residence successfully.

    The Federal Skilled Trades Program is the only federal economic immigration route available to trades people. This is due to substantial labour shortages in Canada correlating to skilled trades occupations.

    The Federal Skilled Trades Program is the only federal economic immigration route available to tradespeople due to substantial labour shortages in Canada in many skilled trades occupations.

    Except for Nunavut and Quebec, every Canadian province has provincial immigration programs that can help foreign nationals become citizens of Canada.

    The essence of Canada’s immigration system is a family reunion. It enables qualified sponsors to immigrate to Canada with their family members as permanent residents.

    Other types of relatives, such as orphaned children under the age of 18, are also eligible for sponsorship in Canada.

    This application can be for you if you are ineligible for other types of permanent residency but would suffer unusual hardship if you had to leave Canada.

    The goal of this program is to assist seasoned home childcare providers and home support workers who wish to work and get permanent residency in Canada.