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Permanent Resident Status

An immigrant to Canada who has been granted permanent residence status but is not a Canadian citizen is known as a permanent resident. Citizens of other nations are permanent residents. A visitor to Canada, such as a student or an employee from outside, is not considered a permanent resident. Through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program or the Government-Assisted Refugee Program, refugees who are resettled from abroad become permanent residents.

A person who seeks shelter in Canada does not immediately get permanent residency. The Immigration and Refugee Board must first accept their application before they may become one. Once they have obtained permanent residence status, they must apply for it.

Permanent Resident Card

To establish your status as a permanent resident (PR) when you return to Canada, you must carry a permanent resident (PR) card while travelling. Get urgent processing, request a PR card or other travel document, or check the status of your application. You can reissue your PR card if it has expired. Even though your PR card has expired, you still maintain your PR status.

You have the following privileges as a permanent resident:

  • Enjoy social benefits that Canadian citizens receive including health care coverage.
  • Live, work or study anywhere in Canada.
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship
  • protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

You are required to abide by all federal, provincial, and local laws in Canada as well as pay taxes.

Permanent Resident Card

Permanent residents in Canada are always issued a permanent resident card as soon as their application for permanent residence is accepted (PR). Each time you re-enter Canada, you will be required to show proof of your certification as a permanent resident. When the PR card is expired but you need to travel immediately, then you may very well be eligible to apply instead for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD). If you don’t already have a permanent residence card or travel passport, you cannot even return to Canada by plane, train, bus, or boat. Check to determine whether your PR Card is still valid before leaving Canada.

Who can qualify to renew a PR Card?

A PR card remains effective lasting five years; if it comes up for renewal, individuals would still be considered permanent residents of Canada.

PR Card Status

One's PR Card has been misplaced, corrupted, or has expired.


Prior to June 28, 2002, you were granted permanent residence status.


Before or on the day of June 28, 2002, you were a permanent resident, and you never acquired a PR Card.

What is a PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document)?

When someone does not possess a valid PR Card, you’ll now have to register instead for a PRTD just to go to Canada. One will always fulfil the residence requirements of a permanent resident to really be qualified for a PRTD. Provided someone cannot satisfy the residence requirement due to extraordinary conditions, you could still be eligible to preserve your permanent resident status when you can demonstrate that extraordinary conditions or reasons outside your power prevented you from residing in Canada.

Permanent Resident Status Loss

An individual who’s been granted permanent residency must keep that status. Considering this, once you’ve been anywhere outside Canada for an extended period, they would not immediately lose your position. Unless a choice is reached to revoke your title, one will continue to be regarded a permanent resident. A person’s permanent resident designation can be revoked in several ways:

Become a Canadian citizen

Failure to adhere to the residence requirements

A definitive decision where an individual is neither a refugee or otherwise in need of protection

When a deportation order is issued, and it becomes effective

A permanent resident willingly relinquishes his or her position as a permanent resident

Permanent Resident Card: Urgent Processing

In some cases, it may be able to quicken the processing of a permanent resident card. To be eligible for urgent permanent resident card processing, you must be travelling within the next three months for one of the following reasons:

A job opportunity

Serious illness

The death of a family member


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