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Canadian Temporary Residence Programs

Looking to work, visit, or study in Canada? Several Canadian Temporary Residence immigration programs allows individual to stay in the country for a determined period of time.

Would you wish to study at a Canadian university? A Canada study permit is required if you are an international student and want to register in a Canadian university or college.

Planning a trip to Canada? Thousands of people apply each year to travel to Canada. Similar to permanent residents, the Canadian government does not set quotas for temporary immigration.

With the possibility to request extensions, Canada’s Super Visa program enables parents and grandparents of citizens and permanent residents to travel for up to two years.

A TRP can enable you to temporarily overcome inadmissibility if you are unable to enter Canada.

Canada’s LMIA procedure analyses, employment offered to foreigners will hurt Canadian workers and labour.

Before being granted a work permit, foreign workers must first apply for an LMIA.

A program that enables Canadian companies to speed up the hiring of temporary, highly trained workers in certain occupations.

A person who temporarily relocates to Canada for business purposes but does not engage in active labour market activity.

A temporary resident may submit an application to have their status restored if they have lost it or allowed their permission to work to lapse.


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