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What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

A Temporary Resident Permit or TRP is a document granted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that permits those who are legally barred from entering Canada to do so. A TRP is only granted to someone whose need to visit Canada outweighs the risk of their being there. For instance, if a journey is for business purposes and the person’s presence in Canada will benefit the nation or its residents, a TRP may be issued for that trip.

If you are otherwise ineligible but have a reasonable cause for visiting Canada, you can be granted a temporary residence permit. To qualify for a temporary residence permit, you need to enter or remain in Canada and must exceed the dangers to Canadian society’s health or safety, as decided by an immigration or border services officer. You must provide evidence that your visit is necessary, even if the reason you are ineligible for admission seems minor.

Temporary Residence Permit outlines your responsibilities as a Permit Holder and offers some data on non-compliance and inadmissibility that may help you decide whether you are qualified to apply for another TRP. The handbook also includes the necessary instructions and application forms, as well as a list of the supporting documentation you must include with your application.

A temporary resident permit is different from a work or study permit or a temporary resident visa. These papers are identified as visas or work and study permit plainly on them. Unless you are inadmissible and possess a document that is designated as a temporary residence permit, you are not the bearer of a temporary resident permit. Only in unusual cases and at the processing officer’s discretion is TRPs awarded. Any time can be used to revoke a TRP.

The temporary resident allows visitors to temporarily enter Canada only if an officer is assured that the reason and circumstances are justified in your case. When you can’t enter Canada through other programs, you may be able to get your hands on a TRP to get into Canada. Some reasons you might get a TRP may be:

You are banned from entering Canada due to a reason of inadmissibility or due to the fact that you do not meet the necessary requirements and are ineligible.

You are already residing within Canada and do not meet the necessary requirements for any of the other programs.

For a person in Canada, a TRP should be a last resort, before applying for a TRP, you should endorse all the other options as the chances of this permit being approved are not the highest. These are only considered in certain scenarios. Talk to us and learn about all your options.

How to apply for a temporary resident permit?

If you’re eTA-required

If your application for an eTA was denied and you are a citizen of a nation that requires one, you can be given a temporary resident permit. This depends on the specifics of the inadmissibility, the circumstances surrounding it, and the purpose of your trip to Canada.

It’s possible that the visa office in charge of your nation or region has its own application for temporary resident visas. For specific instructions on how to apply, you should contact the visa office.

If you’re eTA-required

In order to enter Canada legally, you must apply for a visitor visa and submit supporting documentation to prove your eligibility. In order for an officer to evaluate your application, you could be required to attend an interview.

TRP for Criminal Charges and Inadmissibility

If you are inadmissible to Canada due to the reason that you have been charged with a criminal offence, then you may have a chance at being able to receive a TRP permit allowing you to temporarily enter Canada.

However, when you file for your TRP, you must prove to the officer that you will no longer conduct any more criminal offences and that those chances are as low as possible. Then based on that application, the officer will determine whether the TRP will be issued or not.

Validity of temporary residence permit

In the scenario that your TRP is issued, you will most likely have it valid for the time you stated that you need. IN certain scenarios, a TRP can be issued for upwards of 3 years.

In most cases, a TRP is only valid upon entry and cannot be re-used once a person has departed Canada. If you have departed Canada and need to re-enter via TRP once again, you will have to submit a new application. In certain circumstances, however, an officer may approve someone for a multi-entry TRP allowing them to re-enter Canada multiple times. However, once the TRP validity period has ended, you will no longer be able to use it to enter Canada. However, your TRP can be cancelled by an authorized legal power.

Requirement of temporary residence permit holder

As most permits are issued within Canada, the holder must exit Canada before the end of their permit period, or they must apply to have their permit extended.

In any case, your TRP is cancelled, you are legally required to leave Canada immediately. You will be provided with a letter detailing the reasons that you are being deported and you will also be given the opportunity to explain the reasons and prove that you should be allowed to stay.


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