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What is Proof of Canadian Citizenship?

A citizenship certificate is proof of your Canadian citizenship. Proof of Canadian citizenship is an official method of determining citizenship in Canada. You might need to apply for proof of Canadian citizenship if you were born in Canada, have a Canadian parent, or already have Canadian citizenship. In certain situations, obtaining proof of Canadian citizenship may not be necessary. It also means confirming your Canadian citizenship if you’ve lost your original papers or need to provide new proof. If your application is accepted, you will be given a citizenship certificate.

Documents that can be used as Proof of Canadian Citizenship:

Certificate of retention

Birth certificate

Naturalization certificate

Registration of birth abroad certificate

Citizenship Certificate, including older certificates

Citizenship is granted to those persons who have been born outside of Canada to Canadian parents. Individuals may be able to file for a Canadian citizenship certification if any one of the parental figures was born in Canada or earned Canadian citizenship prior to their birth.

Applying for a citizenship certificate

If you think you qualify for evidence of citizenship, the first step is to visit the IRCC website and obtain the application packet.

You will require evidence showing your parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of your birth in addition to your form. A birth certificate, a Canadian citizenship card, or your parent’s citizenship certificate are all acceptable forms of identification. You’ll also need to provide identification and your own birth certificate.

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt once IRCC receives your application, and you will then need to wait for IRCC to approve. You will be given a certificate of Canadian citizenship if you are accepted.

How to tell If you may be a Canadian citizen:

Your birthplace was in Canada

You received citizenship when a parent or guardian applied for you

You have Canadian parents with citizenship prior to your birth

You went through the process & applied and received citizenship

Proof of Canadian Citizenship: Application Processing

The average processing time to claim a Proof of Canadian citizenship certificate is 17 months. The processing time for a first Canadian citizenship certificate is significantly longer than for a replacement. A first Canadian citizenship certificate application submitted from an applicant in Canada or the US takes approximately 1 year to finalize and receive the certificate. Once we receive your application, we’ll review your application to make sure it’s complete.

If your case is complex, we may

Rights and Responsibilities of Canadians

need more time to process your application

There may be a delay between when we receive your application and when we start processing it.

Canadian Citizenship Certificate for someone born in Canada

A birth certificate from a province or territory should suffice to establish Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship certificate for someone born outside Canada

A person is likely a Canadian citizen if at least 1 person:

was born in Canada

became a naturalized Canadian citizen before the person was born

Adopted children born outside Canada

If you’re a Canadian parent who adopted a child born outside Canada, your child

is not automatically a Canadian citizen

needs to become a Canadian Citizens to get the citizenship certificate


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