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Express entry Document checklist For Canada Immigration

What is Express Entry?

IRCC, formerly recognized as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) established an online platform called the Express Entry to ensure an effective and quicker immigration procedure. The Express Entry process in Canada originally was developed to meet the country’s requirement for qualified professionals. With a rising economy, plentiful environmental assets, and a shrinking workforce, competent experts from other countries are in high demand.

Express Entry is a prospective evaluation and selection mechanism being used by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to find suitable applicants who may immigrate to Canada. It is not a distinct immigration program; rather, Express Entry is a program designed to assist and handle permanent resident status applications submitted under the following immigration programs:

Canadian Experience Class Program

Skilled workers who have Canadian work experience

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Skilled workers with foreign work experience

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Skilled workers who are qualified in a skilled trade

If you are qualified for any of the above programs, you can also apply through Provincial Nominee Program. If you are selected, you will get extra points so you can be invited to apply quickly.

Eligibility of Express Entry Program

There are 3 immigration programs under Express Entry and have different requirements. You will be asked questions about your:

Based on your answers, we will tell you what programs you may be eligible for, so be as accurate as you can.




Language Ability

Family Members

Work Experience

Details on any job offer

Check your score

If you’re qualified for one or more of the Express Entry programs and submit your profile, you will be ranked in the Express Entry pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS is a points-based system we use to

  • Assess and score your profile and
  • Rank it in the Express Entry pool

Get your documents ready

Please submit a profile, you do not need to upload any documents, however, you may require information from some or all of the following:

You should prepare your paperwork ahead of time because some take a while to obtain.

Documents for Express Entry:

A passport or travel document

Language test results

Proof of Canadian education

Provincial Nominee (If you have one)

If you have a written job offer from a Canadian employer, please provide it along with evidence of your work history and a certificate from a Canadian province or territory attesting to your trade certification (if you have one)

Proof of funds

Documents for your application for permanent residence:

The documents you used to create your profile must be uploaded if we extend an application invitation to you (see list above). The majority of applicants must also upload the following:

Police Certificates

Medical Exams

Proof of funds

Birth certificate if you’re declaring dependent children

Use of representative form if you’ve hired a representative

Common-law union form if you’ve claimed your marital status as “common-law”

Marriage certificate if you’ve claimed your marital status as “married”

Divorce certificate and legal separation agreement if you’ve declared your marital status as “divorced”

Death certificate if you’ve claimed your marital status as “widowed”

Adoption certificate when a dependent child is listed as “adopted”

Other documents:

Only if we mentioned them in your customized document checklist are you required to submit these. If you don’t provide these documents, your application might not be denied or rejected. They are solely used to determine whether you are qualified for the program you are applying for.

Proof of relationship to a relative in Canada

Digital photos to confirm your identity

Other names to verify aliases

Any other documents that you feel are relevant to your application

Fill out your profile

You can tell us more about yourself in your Express Entry profile. If you’re qualified, we’ll add you to our applicant pool and assign you a CRS rating.

Get an invitation and apply

The applicants who scored the highest in the pool receive invites to apply. You’ll have 60 days to submit your application if we encourage you to do so. The majority of comprehensive applications with all the supporting documentation will be processed in six months or less.

Compare Express Entry Programs

Eligibility Canadian Experience Class Federal Skilled Worker Program Federal Skilled Trades Program
Language Skills
English or French Skills CLB 7 if your NOC is 0 or A CLB 5 if your NOC is B
English or French Skills CLB 7
English or French Skills CLB 5 for speaking and listening CLB 4 for reading and writing
Type/Level of Work Experience
Canadian Experience in 1 of these NOCS: 0 A B
Canadian Foreign experience in 1 of these NOCS: 0 A B
Canadian or foreign experience in a skilled trade under key groups of NOC B
Amount of Work Experience
One year in Canada in the last 3 years (either combination of full-time or part-time work)
One year continuous within the last 10 years (combination of part-time, full-time or more than 1 job in your primary occupation)
Two years within last 5 years (either combination of full-time or part-time work)
Job Offer
Not Required
Not Required But you can get selection criteria (FSW) points for having a valid job offer.
Required: A valid job offers of full-time employment for a total period of at least 1 year or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority
Not Required
Secondary Education Required You can get more selection criteria (FSW) points for your post-secondary education.
Not Required

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