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What is Federal Skilled Worker Program?

Because the Canadian government recognized that the old approach was flawed, it implemented the world’s first points system to select immigrants. Canada would no longer use subjective criteria. Instead, it decided to use objective criteria to evaluate all candidates in the same way: age, education, language skills, work experience, occupation, and other factors.

Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the 3 federal programs run through Express Entry. Federal Skilled Worker Program is designed for skilled workers with foreign work experience who want to permanently relocate to Canada using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Unlike Canadian Experience Class candidates, Federal Skilled Workers are not required to have Canadian work experience in order to enter the Express Entry pool. Instead, candidates must obtain a certain number of points based on factors such as work experience, language ability, and education. Applicants in the pool with the most competitive CRS scores will be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence

Who is eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program?

Provide a total of 67 points throughout the Six Selection Factors.

Would have had at minimum a year of consistent, full-time and an equal amount of part-time & paid professional relevant work experience throughout the last ten years.

Only one year of professional experience must've been gained in the very same NOC code, possibly 0, A or B.

Full-time is defined as 30 hours each week. Additional hours spent in excess of 30 per week will not be recognized to achieve the 1,560-hour requirement.

Applicants should have a CLB 7 language skills, as demonstrated from an authorized language exam (IELTS, CELPIP, TEF, TCF)

You should have finished secondary (high school) / post-secondary level education as indicated from an authorized Education Credential Assessment ("ECA")

How Federal Skilled Worker Program Works?

Three skilled worker programs in Canada, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, employ the Express Entry application management system. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is your greatest Express Entry option if you have never lived in Canada before and are not a skilled trades professional. You must first check to determine if you meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. You then send in your Express Entry profile.

A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score will be assigned to you based on your age, education, language proficiency, and work experience, among other things. The Canadian government holds Express Entry lotteries regularly every two weeks, asking those with the highest CRS scores to apply for permanent residency. You can anticipate getting your permanent residency status within six months of completing your finished application, and then moving to Canada.

Six Selection Criteria

If you fulfil all the prerequisites, we will evaluate your application based on:



Work experience

Whether you have a valid job offer

English and/or French language skills

Adaptability (how well you’re likely to settle here)

These factors are part of the 100-point grid that is used to determine overall qualification. These provide no effect on the CRS score and therefore are solely an eligibility condition. To qualify, individuals should obtain 67 points upon that selection factor. When you do not receive at least 67 points, you would be unable to present your portfolio to the pool of applicants.


Evidence of Funds

A necessity to prove finances is among the primary distinctions between both the Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker / Federal Skilled Trades programs. For most circumstances, one would be required to demonstrate that you should have the funds to sustain their family. The quantity they must disclose is decided based on the home. You will include the following items while calculating your family size:


Your husband or wife or partner

Your children

Offspring of the husband or partner

Although if your family member, partner, and dependent children are not joining you or are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, they must be included in your calculations.

Individuals are excluded from the fund’s criteria when you’ve been asked to register underneath the Canadian Experience Class or even have secured occupation and are permitted to work in Canada.

Processing Time for a Federal Skilled Worker application

A Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry profile will remain valid for 12 months.

You receive an Invitation to Apply and you will have 60 days to submit a full application and documentation to the Government of Canada.

The standard processing time for Express Entry applications is 6 months from the time of application received by authorities.


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