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Prove your English language proficiency with the CELPIP test

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is abbreviated as CELPIP.

The CELPIP Test is an English language proficiency exam that allows test takers to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have designated the CELPIP Test for use by individuals applying for permanent resident status and citizenship in Canada.

What can I expect from the English CELPIP Test?

Our partner test centres completely computer deliver the CELPIP Test, which is completed in a single 3-hour sitting. The examination is divided into four sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Unlike other English language proficiency tests, CELPIP does not require you to speak to someone. Instead, for the speaking portion of the test, you respond to on-screen prompts through a microphone headset.
Because the test is entirely computer-based, your results will be available 4 to 5 days after your test date, and they will be sent to you online.

Where can I take the CELPIP Test?

We partner with over 80 testing locations in Canada and around the world, so the CELPIP Test is available near you.

How can I get ready for the CELPIP English Test?

We are eager to assist test takers on their journey to work and live in Canada, and we have a variety of study materials to help you prepare for your exam, including more than 10 hours of free webinars, a free sample test, a free practise test when you create a CELPIP Account and our additional tools:

Free CELPIP Sample Test: The CELPIP sample test is available for free on the CELPIP website and includes test questions and answers to help you understand what to expect on each component of the CELPIP Test.

Free CELPIP Practice Test: Available for free when you sign up for a free CELPIP Account, this comprehensive practise test covers every aspect of the CELPIP Exam and includes detailed answer keys for each section.

Free CELPIP Webinars and Workshops: A CELPIP expert hosts our weekly free CELPIP information sessions, which provide test takers with an overview of the CELPIP Test components as well as a question-and-answer session. Our YouTube channel also has recordings of webinars and workshops.

Paid CELPIP Study Materials: We have a variety of practice tests, online learning programmes, study guides, and more available for purchase in our online store.

If you need extra test-taking advice, our CELPIP experts have put together the following ideas to ensure that you fulfil your CELPIP objectives:

1) Get familiar with using a computer

Because the CELPIP Test is entirely computer-based, be sure you’re comfortable with a mouse and keyboard. Use CELPIP’s free online sample test and free online practice test to prepare for your computer-based exam.

2) Keep in mind that CELPIP is a test of general English

The CELPIP Test assesses your ability to communicate effectively in English in everyday contexts. Because it isn’t a test of business or academic English, getting out and using English as much as possible in your daily life is one of the greatest methods to prepare.

3) Keep track of the time

The CELPIP Test is entirely computer-based, with a timer on each page indicating how much time is left for each section. Keeping an eye on the timer will assist you in maintaining a consistent pace throughout the test.

4) Use different types of English vocabulary words and sentence structures

Demonstrate your command of the English language by displaying a wide range of terminology in your writing and speaking. Don’t use the same words over and over; instead, utilise language that would seem natural in everyday situations. Remember to change your sentence structure as well, and try to produce a variety of sentences with varying lengths and levels of complexity.

5) Speak at a natural pace and in a clear voice

Speak into the microphone headset, which should be placed near your mouth but not touching your lips. When you’re frightened, it’s natural to speak rapidly, but try to slow down and speak at a normal pace.

6) Your accent is not a problem

Many of our test takers are concerned about their accents; nevertheless, our raters have been trained to ignore them. Do not concentrate on your accent unless it prevents you from being understood. Instead, concentrate on using good grammar and a diverse vocabulary, as well as providing detailed and complete responses.

7) Take down notes

You will be handed a notepaper and a pen when you take the CELPIP Test. You can use these to take notes during any phase of the test, but they’ll come in handy for organising your ideas for your Speaking and Writing responses. Taking notes about major themes and details throughout the Listening section of the test is also a smart idea.

8) Review your work

If you have additional time throughout the test, go over your responses and make sure you’ve answered each question to the best of your ability. Spend a few minutes checking over your written comments to ensure that there are no typos or errors that could detract from the clarity of your responses.

9) Stick with what you know

In a Reading or Listening passage, you can come across some difficult or unfamiliar words. Don’t get caught up in thinking over vocabulary you don’t know. Instead, focus on the passage’s overall significance and the parts that you do comprehend. It’s sometimes possible to deduce the meaning of a new word by looking at the ones around it.

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