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Canada Introduces Two-Year Cap on New Study Permits for International Students

BREAKING NEWS: Canada Introduces Two-Year Cap on New Study Permits for International Students

Learn More About Canada Introduces Two-Year Cap on New Study Permits

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has unveiled a transient cap on the issuance of examination visas for college students worldwide. According to the facts launched by using IRCC, the cap for the year 2024 is predicted to lead to approximately 360,000 authorized look-lets, marking a 35% decrease from the figures recorded in 2023.

International students are crucial to Canada and increase our groups. As such, we must ensure that they’ve gotten to the science they need for an enriching academic enjoy. In Canada, nowadays, this isn’t continually the case,” Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, stated.

Effective January 22, 2024, all observed permit packages submitted to IRCC would require an attestation letter from the relevant province or territory (PT). PTs are expected to establish the manner for issuing those letters by March 31, 2024. IRCC has expressed its goal to re-examine the cap within the 12 months of 2025.

 Important Changes to Post-Graduation Work Permit Eligibility Criteria Unveiled

IRCC has also introduced that worldwide college students who have graduated with master’s packages or other brief graduate degree applications might be able to practice for a three-year work permit.

Under the current criteria, the period of a PGWP is based on the period of the people who have a look at software. This criterion materially limits grasp’s college students because it shortens the quantity of time they’re eligible to benefit Canadian paintings enjoy and subsequently transition to permanent residency.

 Minister Miller also announced these days that as of one September of this year, submit-graduate paintings will now not be available to students enrolled in programmes introduced through public-non-public partnerships. This model is especially familiar in Ontario in which worldwide enrolment in programmes offered through such partnerships or licensing arrangements has skyrocketed in recent years.

The Minister concluded his bulletins today by noting, “In the approaching weeks, we will be announcing that open painting permits will most effectively be allowed and be available to spouses of international college students enrolled in grasp’s and doctoral programmes as well as those enrolled in expert programmes, which include medicinal drug and law. Spouses of students enrolled in other stages of examination, such as undergraduate and college programmes, will no longer be eligible [for work permits].”

 At the same time, the authorities are likewise moving to make a bigger post-take a look at painting rights for graduate college students, explaining that “Graduates of grasp’s and other brief graduate-stage packages will soon be eligible to use for a three-yr work allow. Under contemporary criteria, the length of a published graduation painting allowed is based totally on the duration of a character’s look at software, hindering grasp’s graduates by way of restricting the quantity of time they have to benefit work revel in and doubtlessly transition to the everlasting residence.”

Maintaining Integrity

The choice to put in force those measures comes after Miller’s public discussions on the matter, expressing worries approximately the integrity of the machine. Minister Miller highlighted challenges, which include establishments admitting college students without imparting promised education and the stress on vital services due to the fast boom in global student numbers.

The current IRCC launch acknowledges that certain establishments have substantially increased their student intakes for financial profits, leading to college students arriving without support. The release emphasizes the pressure on housing, healthcare, and other offerings as a consequence of the surge in international college students.

International college students in Canada

Canada admitted over 800,000 global students in 2022 and the Minister projected that that variety might rise to over 900,000 in 2023.

The Minister advised CTVs that the device became “out of manage” and that IRCC had been operating to “get our own house so as federally.”

He additionally voiced worries regarding a “permissive” precise mastering institution (DLI) structure inside the provinces and said that provincial governments had to have “robust” discussions with their DLIs. DLIs are the only post-secondary establishments in Canada which can be allowed to admit worldwide students. There are over 1,000 DLI’s in Canada, with 529 of them in Ontario.

In December, IRCC made different changes to the worldwide pupil program, including doubling the value-of-dwelling requirement for global students from 10,000 to $20,635.

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