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How much bank balance Should I require for a visitor visa to Canada?

Planning to go to Canada on vacation but don’t know the actual amount you need for a Canada visitor visa?

 Don’t worry! In this article, we have covered all the important topics regarding the amount of funds you need to show in your bank account, which will help you get a visitor visa. 


What is a Canadian tourist visa? 

A Canada Visitor Visa, which may also be called a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), is a document that is granted by the Canadian Government to people who do not hold Canadian citizenship, allowing them to temporarily visit Canada for tourism or their acquaintances. 


Canadian Visitor Visa Requirements: To ensure that they are financially prepared 

Among the requirements necessary to obtain a Canadian visitor visa, a demonstration of financial viability is essential. 

This includes proving that you have sufficient income to pay your expenses in Canada.

 While no fees have been specified by the Canadian government, having adequate savings accounts greatly improves your chances of getting your visa approved. 


To understand the requirement of a bank balance 

The bank balance required for a Canadian tourist visa varies depending on many factors, including the length of your stay, the activities you have planned, and your personal


but as a general guide, it is generally considered that you have approximately CAN$6,500 (INR 4,00,000) in your bank account sufficient to meet the financial obligations associated with a short-term visit to Canada. 

Factors affecting savings demand 

Length of stay: Extended stays generally require a sufficient bank balance to cover expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses. 

Purpose of the visit: The nature of your visit, whether it’s for tourists, visiting family or friends, or attending business meetings, can affect how much money you have to present. 

Cost of Living: In Canada, the cost of living depends on the location you wish to visit. Great metropolitan cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are more likely to be pricey than smaller cities or rural countryside areas.

Financial stability: The immigration officials would revise your capacity for income-earning skills in Canada and your ability to sustain yourself. Having a steady income, savings, and assets can positively influence their decisions. 

Tips to meet bank claim requirements 

Plan ahead: Start saving well in advance of your planned trip to ensure you have enough money in your bank account. 

Document your finances. Make sure you keep a clean and organised record of the documents containing your money, which include bank statements, income certificates, and investments. 

Consider additional support: If you, however, can’t meet the funding targets yourself, consider applying for a scholarship or grant provided by organisations or from members of the family or sponsors willing to commit financial support letters. 



Canada as a destination is a country with numerous historical and natural wonders, and a Canadian tourist visa is a crucial means of experiencing all that. 

In spite of the fact that getting financing from banks or other financial institutions can also be overwhelming, if you pencil down your finances properly and get an education, your chances of getting the visas approved will increase. 

If you show by the tip that you’re the one who’s leading the way inside Canada, then you have the confidence to carry on with the tour. 




Q: What if I don’t have the exact amount specified for the required bank account? 

A: While earning the recommended amount strengthens your visa application, visa officers take into account a variety of factors. If you can’t meet the specific amount, you can provide proof of your financial stability and ability to pay your bills. 


Q: Can I use assets other than bank accounts to meet my financial needs? 

A: Yes, you can add assets such as property, investments, and fixed income to your financial statements. But make sure that this property is easily moved if necessary. 


Q: Do I have to provide proof of income through my bank statements? 

A: Providing proof of income such as pay checks, tax returns, or employment income statements can strengthen your visa application by demonstrating earning capacity. 


Q: Do I need money to make every day I spend in Canada? 

A: While there is no specific minimum daily requirement, visa officers will review your overall financial situation to ensure you can be covered throughout your stay. 


Q: Can I take out a loan to meet credit requirements? 

A: Visa officials may misjudge the loan amount because they want to see real financial stability. It is best to rely on savings or donations from family members or supporters.

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