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Canadian work permits for athletes

Athletes and staff seeking to work in Canada must meet certain criteria.

Whether your staff is headquartered in Canada or abroad affects the requirements for work permits.

Athletes and staff working for a non-Canadian employer

Although foreign athletes and coaches are considered to be foreign employees under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), parts of the TFWP’s laws and regulations do not apply to them. To make these people abide by the norms and practises associated with the TFWP would be excessively onerous and would hinder Canada from taking part in international sporting competitions.

As a result, a work visa is typically not needed for those who are an athlete representing a foreign nation or a member of a foreign team. The same holds true for any members of the foreign team or athlete’s necessary support and personal staff.

Athletes and staff joining a Canadian employer

A work visa is typically required if a foreign person wishes to play on a sports team located in Canada or compete as an individual athlete on Canadian soil. Even in this situation, though, a lot of the paperwork that is typically involved in getting a work permit is removed from the process. This is because certain athletes may not be required to complete the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which is typically the most difficult part of applying for a work permit.

Typically, the LMIA is required to show that there is a labour shortage and that, as a result, the Canadian employer was unable to fill the post with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. As a result, LMIA applications are carefully examined because even a small mistake could compromise their success. Work permits exempt from the LMIA are not required to show a labour shortage. As a result, it’s critical to confirm that athletes are qualified for this kind of work visa and that their work permit application is complete.

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